If you have never thought of couponing, then I have one question for you. Why not? You see, I just do not understand why anybody would not be attracted by the idea of saving money on items that you are going to buy anyway especially when there are times when you could save up to 90%. Perhaps you feel that it will take up too much time or maybe you feel that there is some kind of stigma with using them? If you do, then you are wrong with both parts.

Getting Those Coupons

When it comes to getting the coupons in the first place, I have a couple of tips for you. First, these coupons are available online, in the stores themselves, through loyalty cards, and in newspapers with Sunday being the best day for them. All I do is I sit down in front if the television and flick through the newspaper cutting out the ones that are of interest to me and it is then just a case of checking my emails to see which ones are now live on websites that I subscribe to.

How much time do you think that this takes up each day? We are literally talking about minutes per day, but when I then think about the money that I save it works out at a pretty darn good hourly rate.

Your Savings And Being Smart

Ocassionally, with extreme couponing, you can get groceries for free.

As I said earlier, you can save up to 90% in some cases with coupons, but of course it is not always like that. However, you can be pretty clever in your approach if you know what you are doing and what to look out for. Sometimes there are stores that will actually offer you double the value of your coupon, so that makes it even more valuable to you and certainly made it worth your while cutting it out.

You should also check the small print on the coupon to see what the restrictions are because if they allow you to use it at any point, then you need to combine it with an in store offer to get an even bigger saving. This is not about just trying to save yourself cash, although clearly that is the main point, but it is also about shopping smart and once you get into the way of using these coupons it really will become second nature.

Get Hunting

How can you get your hands on the exact coupons that you need? In order to save more, you need to get more coupons. Sometimes it pays to buy 2 or more newspapers because the savings are much bigger that the cost of the extra newspapers. Remember, less than 2% of all coupons in the market ever get redeemed. So, there is an abundance of coupons for you out there.

What I am really saying to you is to make a list of stores that you buy from and check out their websites for coupons. Subscribe to any newsletters as they will often carry additional offers. Check coupon websites for individual products as they have done the hard searching for you. Look in the physical store for coupons being handed out, and finally buy newspapers as they are still the mainstay of the coupon world. All of this really does take minimal effort on your part and you are just doing what I and millions of others across the United States do on a daily basis. If so many do it, then why are you missing out?

This is easy, and the savings can be amazing, so what are you waiting for? Follow these tips to master couponing with minimal effort.